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Nobody does gummy better than Albanese candy. Ever since 1998 when this Confectionary Group invented a new technology that allowed a greater flavor release from gelatins, the gummy candy with the soft texture and intense flavor has been rocking taste buds the world over. The incomparably fresh and fruity Albanese gummy bears were the first in the Gummy Bear Universe to be offered in single flavors. Not content to stop at bears, the ever-innovative Albanese created gummy sharks, gummy rainforest frogs, gummy army men, and the skin-crawling giant gummy snake. Take a bite out of this 2-foot-long sweet scaly creature, and let the trio of fruity flavors slither slowly down your throat. Candy Warehouse carries a massive collection of your favorite Albanese candy, including seasonal specialties for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Each package of World's Best Gummies comes fresh from the Albanese candy factory to our warehouse to your home. Sink your teeth into the pure deliciousness that is Albanese Confectionery.

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