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AirHeads Candy

Whoever said food can’t be fun? AirHeads® are like a chewy taffy-like candy that you can pull, squish, and mold into crazy shapes. These delicious confections first bounced on the radar of candy lovers everywhere in 1986, when they were created by Perfetti Van Melle, a Dutch-Italian company with a division in Kentucky. Since then, they’ve grown into one of the nation’s leading taffy treats to enjoy at any time of the day. CandyWarehouse.com carries a wide selection of AirHeads® candy, so you can find every kind of treat you need to beat those mid-afternoon blues. Browse our selection today and register an account to make your next checkout process even easier.

Available in over 16 different flavors, Airhead candy is impossible to beat. Traditional taffies don’t last very long. They either become harder to chew or the flavor fades quickly. You’ll find no shortage of flavor in AirHeads®, and our selection includes all the varieties that keep you coming back again and again. Our classic flavor selection includes blue raspberry, cherry, grape, green apple, strawberry, and many more. No Airhead candy can boggle minds better than their signature White Mystery flavor. It’s creamy and sweet, but even candy experts can’t quite pin down the true flavor of this iconic taffy candy bar.

In addition to the classic taffy bars, we also carry an assortment of AirHeads® candy. Here, you’ll find hard candy lollipops, extreme sour bites, and much more. AirHeads® hit a homerun with their colorful chew nuggets with flavor blast centers. Each little fruity tube features a white center and is sure to brighten any candy dish or make your home the most popular trick-or-treating stop in the neighborhood.

Still can’t satisfy your sweet tooth? Stock up on all the classic taffy flavors you love with a candy super tube. Each enormous tube comes with about 60 pieces of AirHeads® candy so you can save them for snack time or share with your friends. If you have any questions about our candy selection or need help finding a specific product, please contact one of our customer support representatives today for further assistance.

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