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3 Musketeers Candy

If you paid attention in school, there is a good chance you remember The Three Musketeers, an iconic novel written by Alexandre Dumas. Although three military guards may seem worlds apart from the classic candy bar we know today, 3 Musketeers® was originally released by Mars, Inc. in 1932 as a trio of flavors. This deliciously light, airy, chocolate nougat bar was the first of its kind to include three pieces in one package: flavored chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Think of it like Neapolitan ice cream in one convenient snack pack! Chocolate won the popularity contest, however, and every modern 3 Musketeers® bar is enrobed within a layer of rich and creamy milk chocolate.

Three Musketeers chocolate may have nixed strawberry and vanilla to make room for a bigger and better chocolate bar, but you can still have a taste by choosing one of their seasonal selections. This Valentine’s Day, forget chocolate-covered strawberries and go for a sensuous treat instead. Fluffy, whipped strawberry nougat is coated with luscious dark chocolate to make for a positively luxurious candy experience and an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

Bundle up when the weather starts to get cool while kicking back and relaxing with 3 Musketeers® candy with just enough hot cocoa flavor to make the most wonderful time of the year even merrier. Looking for something new and surprising? Look no further than 3 Musketeers® with whipped, fluffy nougat flavored with a delightful minty taste. You don’t even need an excuse to indulge on these delectable little morsels. Pick up Three Musketeers chocolate for your home, the office, or everyday snacking to satisfy your cravings, and don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret.

Did you know you can use 3 Musketeers® candy to create scrumptious desserts and baked goods? Whether you are in the mood for fudge brownies, cake, or ice cream, you can quickly whip up a dessert the whole family will love. With a 3 Musketeers® candy bar collection at home, the possibilities are endless. We also offer a variety of miniature unwrapped bites in original and minty flavors. Stock up on Three Musketeers chocolate today by exploring our selection. While shopping, remember to register your account so the next checkout process is faster, you can store multiple shipping addresses, and track orders with ease. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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