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Yellow Candy

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A diverse array of delectable candy in shades of the color yellow! Match your party or event color scheme with yellow candy. Bright as the morning sun, these yummy yellow treats will liven any occasion. Yellow Candy Buffet

When decorating with yellow candy you can match it with red candy and blue candy to make a primary color wheel.
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Sweet Little Nothings

The McAllisters held a scavenger hunt every Easter for family members under the age of 13. Family members over the age of 13 took turns planning the hunt and writing clues. This year it was Robert’s turn, having just turned 14. He took the responsibility quite seriously, even borrowing a few party planning and Easter related books from the library. In fact, Robert took everything seriously. This was not your average rookie.

A few days before the hunt, as he was reading "The Modern Philosophy of the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt: Research and Findings" by Sir Cadbury Bunni, Robert was struck with a quite brilliant idea. A friend had recently told him about a fantastic candy website. He logged on to and found himself immersed in a world of candy heaven. Why, he thought to himself, I have the perfect scavenger hunt idea! The people that run that Candy Warehouse must be pure geniuses!

Ok, ok. I made that last part up. But he certainly was impressed with the wide selection of sweet treats. He decided on a bright yellow theme. Yellow pineapple licorice twists, yellow milk chocolate covered maltballs, and of course lemon drops. There were even yellow gummy bananas. Robert chuckled to himself. These kids wouldn’t know what hit them.

Just then his little brother walked up to him.

"Should we leave a snack out for the Easter bunny?" Robert rolled his eyes dramatically.

"My dear little brother, you can be sooo juvenile."

As his brother walked away in a huff, Robert frantically made notes in his leather bound journal.

2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, extra chips! Trail of Hershey’s Kisses beginning from doorway and leading to Easter basket location #1. Extra cookies in backup Easter location #2.

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