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White Candy

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Shop an amazing assortment of candy in shades of white. Match your party or event color scheme with white candy!
The color of purity, these white candies will give your candy decorating the perfect finishing touch.

White & Black Candy Buffet - White & Silver Candy Buffet - White & Gold Candy Buffet

When decorating with white candy, a nice color combination is black candy or silver candy for formal black tie affairs.
Create the perfect sweet soiree with a White Candy Buffet!
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Sweet Little Nothings

Elizabeth had always dreamed of her wedding day. She imagined a tall, dark, and handsome prince sweeping her off of her feet to live happily ever after (after a honeymoon in Europe, of course).

She met her match, Mike, at an old-fashioned candy store while Christmas shopping. They both reached for the same Hershey Kiss at the same time and the rest, as they say, is history. After a few years of courtship, happily in love, it was time to tie the knot.

There were a few glitches in the original wedding day plan. Mike was more of "pale and scrawny" type of handsome, and he was scared to death of flying. Still Elizabeth was thrilled (Europe, Shmorop she said to herself) and called a wedding planner to make sure every last detail was perfect. Meanwhile, Mike, a romantic at heart, made some phone calls of his own.

Finally, it was the wedding day. After a flawless and beautiful ceremony, Elizabeth walked into the reception to find a truly sweet surprise. White Swirl Lollipops hung from the ceiling. Elegant vintage Jelly Belly machines stood in the corners of the reception hall, filled with white Jordan Almonds candy. A centerpiece of white milk chocolate long stem roses was placed in the center of each table.

Elizabeth ran to embrace her husband. This was better than any fairy tale she’d imagined. She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear,

"Now we’ll have plenty of snacks for the road trip!"

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