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WarHeads Candy

CAUTION: Consuming this confection may induce 20 to 50 seconds of eye-bugging, mouth-puckering and extreme amounts of excitement. Named as such for their intensely sour fruit flavors that seems to explode in your mouth upon contact, WarHeads (aka Mega WarHeads) are extreme hard candies for only the strongest sugar snackers around. Coated with a cocktail of edible acids including citric (yum), these mind-blowingly sour and colorfully bright bits may be tiny but they pack a big punch of fruit flavor. Those not of the faint of heart can bask in the tangy fruity glow that flavors Black Cherry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Apple transmit to their taste buds. They taste so good that once you recover we're willing to bet you'll find yourself reaching for more. You've been warned of the mighty addictiveness of the WarHead, so snack at your own risk...if you dare.

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