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Valentine's Day Candy

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Tempt the heart with sweet, romantic candies! Browse our huge selection of yummy Valentine candy and order today. For some Valentines Day candy ideas try Necco Sweethearts Candy Hearts or Chocolate Roses Valentine Gift Boxes.

Valentine's Day 2018: Wednesday, February 14th
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Sweet Little Nothings

It was nearly February 14th, and heart stickers, Cupid drawings, and red and pink decorations now adorned every classroom. But kindergartener Tara didn’t understand the significance of it all, so the night before Valentine’s Day, she finally decided to ask her mom.

Upon hearing the sweet question, Tara’s mom smiled, and explained that February 14th was a day to celebrate love. "Well, I love you, Mom!" Tara shouted with glee.

Her mom laughed and whispered, "I love you, too, honey! But you know what else is fun on Valentine’s Day? Telling that to someone who doesn’t know you like them! Are there any special people in your class you might want to send a sweet card to? Any boys who make you giggle?"

Tara shook her head violently. "Ew, Mom, no! Boys have cooties!" Tara’s mom laughed again, and that was that.

The next morning in class, Tara made Valentines cards for her parents and her little sister. But none for any boys. Because boys have cooties, of course.

Afternoon rolled around, and after much chocolate and Sweetheart snacking, it was almost time to go home. Tara went to retrieve her backpack from her cubby-hole... but to her surprise, underneath her bag sat a strange envelope. She looked around suspiciously, then curiosity got the better of her and she opened it. Inside was a swirled heart lollipop and a short note: "Hi Tara. I kinda like you. Happy V-Day, from Timmy."

She looked over her shoulder to see Timmy smiling shyly in her direction from the corner of the room. She grinned back a little, a crimson blush spreading over her cheeks. As she licked her new lollipop she thought to herself, "Ok… maybe not all boys have cooties."

The Story of Valentine's Day Candy

WHY DO WE CELEBRATE VALENTINE’S DAY? (or, How to Impress Your Friends with Useless Trivia)

The St. Valentine's Day Story....
---by Professor B.H. Pontefract
"…the last taste of sweets, is sweetest last, Writ in remembrance more than things long past." --William Shakespeare

You too can sound really smart when you quote dead people like the poet and playwright William Shakespeare. But let’s say you are getting ready to ask that special someone to be your Valentine. You don’t want to just throw romantic quotes at her- no; you should also give her the long, slightly boring, but EXTREMELY weird story behind the day of lovers. After all, this is a story that’s mysterious and confusing, just like love itself.Read More
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