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Sugar Free Candy

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Sugar free candy still tastes great. We carry bulk sugarless candy from brands such as Jolly Ranchers and Jelly Belly. If you are looking for diabetic candy or just on a sugar restricted diet we carry hard candy favorites, sugar free chocolates, gumballs, and gummy bears.
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Sweet Little Nothings

I had always been a little apprehensive about Sugar Free Candy. I mean, isn’t it sugar that makes candy so great?

"As if!" My friend Cher said, handing me a Jolly Ranchers Sugar Free Hard Candy. I hesitantly put it in my mouth. And then- wow!

"This is delicious!" I exclaimed. And it was.

"Totally!" Cher said. She pulled out her backpack and unzipped it. I gasped- it was filled to the brim with Sugar-Free Candy! Sugar free gummy bears, sugar free York Peppermint Patties, even Sugar Free Taffy!

"I, like, don’t believe in homework," she announced when I asked her where her books were. I, like, do. So I started mine as we began snacking on all of her sugar-free delights. I told her again how happily surprised I was about the awesomeness of sugarfree candy.

"Oh, yeah. Candy with sugar is, like, so 2008."

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