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Rock Candy & Sugar Swizzle Sticks

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Rock candy is a very simple hard candy made by allowing a supersaturated sugar syrup to evaporate slowly (sometimes for up to a week), during which time the sugar crystallizes into chunks. The shape of these crystalline formations matches the shape of the sugar molecule. Over time, this shape is duplicated millions of times to create sugar crystals large enough for humans to see, touch, and taste. The crystals can be formed around any rough surface; strings or small sticks are most commonly used. "Stir Sticks," "Swizzle Sticks," or "Crystal Sticks," are wooden sticks covered with rock candy used to sweeten drinks (like iced tea). Small rock-candy crystals can be used as a fancy sweetener for tea, coffee, and other beverages. Food coloring and flavoring can be added to create a wide variety of interesting rock candy crystal designs.

The History of Rock Candy
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Sweet Little Nothings

For centuries Rock Candy has been recognized as having marked therapeutic and preservative qualities. In fact, in the West, sugar was used only as a medicine or preservative up to the middle of the 18th century when people "discovered" it made a sweet treat as well. The earliest known date that white sugar was refined was about 200 C.E. so it is probable that the further refining into what was later known as "Sugre Candie" was at about that time. Read More
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