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Little Candy

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Diminutive in size but large on flavor, these tiny sweets are sure to delight your taste buds!
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Little Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Perhaps some of you are familiar with a little book called "How to Make Friends and Influence People with the Help of Candy". I am, because I wrote it. And Rule #1? Always carry around an ample supply of little candies. Sure, oversized candy makes a statement. But it’s the little candies that really get the party started. Hand out a few helpings of Rock Candy Crystals, and pretty soon everyone’s asking for more. Let a pile of Mini Tootsie Pops stick out from your pocket, and smile politely as the other guests hint that they’d like one. Tell everyone that you have over a pound of tiny pastel candy hearts at your house, and suddenly you’re hosting the after-party. Bottom line: bring Little Candies onto the scene, and suddenly you are the scene.