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Candy Pillows

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You've eaten the SweeTarts, dined upon some Hot Tamales, downed some
Dots, tasted some Twizzlers, put away a half dozen Tootsie Roll Pops
and finished a baker's dozen Sugar Babies with a side of Bubble Yum.
Now the sweet, sweet candy-filled day is at an end. As your blood
sugar ebbs, you saunter into the bedroom in search of rest. You know
that sweet dreams are all but assured because you own 100%
polyester-filled pillow versions of all the candy you just ate. Go
ahead and walk with confidence into your boudoir, you know the copious
amount of drool you usually expel during sleep can easily be explained
away with a witty storyline of your subconscious passion for Razzles.

These soft, officially licensed (so you know they got the spelling
right) pillows would go perfect with a mattress filled with cotton
candy and sheets woven from licorice whips - if those weren't terrible
ideas that would get ants everywhere. But seriously, the pillows are
pretty darn cool though. Taste some bedtime comfort.
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