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Candy & Chocolate Mini Packs

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This is the magic candy vault your 8-year-old brain was dreaming about. All the stuff you loved getting in your Halloween treat bag, all in one place. The fun-sized mini packs and individually wrapped candy in this section are perfectly proportioned for party favors, lunchbox treats, candy jars, goodie bags and, of course… your Halloween candy bowl. So whether you call them fun size, snack size, miniatures, or minis, these delicious bulk candy morsels are sure to satisfy any confectionery craving!
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Candy & Chocolate Mini Packs

Sweet Little Nothings

Many people might just assume that candy names are just chosen at random. In many instances, this is simply not the case. Dove Chocolate, for example, was first created accidentally by a flock of doves while they were trying to create an edible bird house. Another well-known example is M&M’s, which I’m pretty sure are named after Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. Think the term "Fun Size Candy" just refers to smaller versions of candy? Think again! These candies go through scientific studies and hours of rigorous "fun" testing in order to certify that they are fun enough to carry the "Fun Size" label. In fact, Fun Size Pop Rocks Candy tested so high on the "Fun-O-Meter" that parents were worried that their children would have so much fun eating the candy that they would forget about homework and sports. Luckily the parents tried the Pop Rocks too, and had so much fun that they forgot to worry.

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