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Sweet Stories

New Tic Tac Flavor Suggestion 9/24/2007
Dear Tic Tac, I have a great idea for a new tic tac flavor “fruit salad”. This could contain multiple flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, grape, peach, or any other flavors that would be in a fruit salad. I know that Tic Tac is a mint, and these flavors aren’t, but orange doesn’t taste minty and it’s a hit. This is a great idea and I hope you use it... I would also like to ask for a thousand dollars for this idea, which will just be a small percentage of the millions you will make on this product. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
Dark Chocolate M&M's Fan Letter 5/7/2007
Dear Mars Candy Company, Hi my name is Sabrina. I go to school at Thomas Jefferson Elementary. I just wanted to let you know that I lover your products. The reason why is because your dark chocolate m&m’s are to die for! I also like your milk chocolate m&m’s but personally I like dark chocolate better. They’re so good that I’ll eat them for the rest of my life! I wrote this letter to tell you how much I love your m&m’s.
Milky Way Candy Bar Fan Letter
Dear Milky Way Company, I have just eaten the just most gracious Milky Way ever from my goodie back on Halloween. My Milky Way had goowy caramel, and smooth choclate. Every time I tear it open I feel like I won a grand prize and I smell the caramel and choclate. The delite when I eat them, I eat them slowly so I can cherish them moment. Thank you for making MilkyWays. There my favorite candy. I would compare my Milky Way to a toy, and the toy would be a teddy bear. The teddy bear would have the same colors. I have a glamorous idea. I just came up with a new candy called Juny Bees. Juny Bees have choclate on the outside and shaped like a bee. On the inside was honey.
Starburst Fan Letter
Dear Starburst company, I have just eaten the starburst from my goodie bag on Halloween. I was so joyful to eat it. It is sweet, sticky, goey. It has a marvelous smell when I open the wrapper. Even it has a good taste. I love your starburst you made. I worship it. When my parents don’t want me to eat it yet. I eat all the candy that you make.
M&Ms Love Letter
Dear M&M Company: I have just eaten your phenomenal candy and its was so magnificent. Your M&M`s are always the first thing I eat after trick or treating even if its burried in my trick or treat bag. The incredibly delightful chocolate melts in my mouth. Sugar may not be good for you but its tastes good. Your M&M's may be small, but they pack a delicious punch. Every time I tear a packs of M&M’s the chocolatey goodies flow out like a river of candy smell. If candy has a hall of fame you’re number one. Thank you for making M&M and M&M are like chocolate rain drops. I have a spectaular idea for an M&M's bars.