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Sweet Stories

Jolly Rancher Candy Fan Letter 3/11/2008
Dear Sir or Madam, To whom it may concern I am writing this to tell you how delicious your jolly ranchers are. Our class had to pick a favorite product we like I had picked your company, because jolly ranchers are my most favorite candies. My most favorite product of your are the rocks, but blueberry is the best! The blueberry just melts in my mouth they’re just so fruitylicious. If I could eat them all day I would. You have made a great candy and they’re yummy. When I taste them it taste like I’m in heaven. I don’t know who wouldn’t like them. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thanks again.
I Love Your Bubble Gum! 3/11/2008
To whom it may concern: I am a sixth grader at Cambridge Middle School, Minnesota. My English class is requiring me to write a letter to a company of my choice to gather information to share with my class. I choose your company because I get your bubble gum every time I go to a store (if my mom lets me because I just got braces.) Please send me any information free examples would be wonderful. I’m also interested in knowing how you make your candy. How many companies there are? Thank you for your time. I’m looking forward from hearing from you. I LOVE your company.
Sour Gummy Worms Fan Letter 3/10/2008
To Whom it may concern, My name is John and I am wirting to tell you why I love your sour gummy worms. I’m going to tell you five reasons why I love your product. Sour gummy worms are so good. They smell very sour. The sour gummy worms taste SUPER SOUR. This candy perks me upon day I’m sad. I like this candy cause They are not individually wrapped thank you. Can you send me some samples?
I Love Candy 2/4/2008
Dear Sirs, I love your candy and every time I order from you you make my life smile! You are my favorite candy company ever! I love the sign on your website that says dentist love us! That is the most funniest thing on the planet! Well I just wanted to let you know that you’re my favorite candy company! EVER!
Sour WarHeads Candy Letter 1/29/2008
I love warheads! I eat them every day. You should make a warhead with all the flavors put together and call it “wacky warhead extreme” with a squirt of lemon lime. I would love to work at your business I think you should make a candy warehouse in Avon. Where here and how do you make a warhead? How many do you make a day? What flavors do you make the most you should make a warhead with sour juice in the middle? I love your candy and I wish I can work with you when im older.