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Warm Weather / Summer Shipping Policy


What you should know:

• We cannot provide returns for candy melted in transit

• Some items will melt if you ship them using regular ground shipping

• Items that feature an angry sun on the product page are especially likely to melt (e.g. chocolates, taffy, gummies, marshmallows)

•To avoid melting on idle delivery trucks over the weekend, meltable orders will not be shipped ground when the ETA includes transport over a weekend.

What you can do:

• Buy enough insulated boxes for your meltable items (the popup between cart and checkout page will suggest this number of boxes).  This protection lasts only about 72 hours on the ground in the summer heat, so if your ground shipping time is 3 days or more (Texas, Oklahoma, and the upper MidWest), you should also:

• Choose a faster shipping method for all meltable items. You can still ship the rest using ground shipping

• Make sure someone is around to receive the shipment so it doesn’t sit outside in the sun

• Check the temperature in your area before shipping: National Weather Map

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