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Warm Weather / Summer Shipping Policy

Current National Heat Index - Forecast

sun_meltingDuring the summer and other hot times of the year, we suggest selecting "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery", especially when purchasing meltable products (e.g., chocolates, taffy, and gummies). To help minimize shipping costs, we suggest splitting your order into two : (1) meltable candy (chocolates, gummies, taffy, etc.) via expedited shipping and (2) candy that is not particularly heat sensitive (hard candy, gum, powder candy, etc.) via ground shipping. During its journey from one of our temperature controlled warehouses, our heat sensitive candy cannot be exposed to temperatures over 80 F/26 C without melting.

If possible, try to ship your order to a business address as businesses often receive shipments earlier in the day and someone is onsite. When shipping to a residence and no one is home, the products will either be (1) left outside sitting in the heat or (2) put back in the hot UPS truck. If you need to ship to a residence and you cannot be home, please leave a note instructing that the package be placed under shade. In the event your package has been sitting in heat, let it "rest" at room temperature for a few hours to give it a chance to return to normal consistency.
In order to protect products as much as we can during especially warm months, will require certain orders containing meltable items (e.g., chocolate, taffy, gummy, and wax candies) to be shipped via "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery". Additionally, we only ship orders containing meltables on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during warm weather to ensure that your candy will not be stuck in a hot UPS or FedEx hub over the weekend (defeating the purpose of you paying extra for expedited shipping!).
Rest assured, does not make money from shipping. We pass along all of our discounted shipping rates to you, our valued customers.
*Important Note: Even if you and take every precaution possible, there is always the chance that candy will melt during transit. Please consider the type of candy you are purchasing during warm weather months as cannot provide refunds for melted products.