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How Do I Account for the Meltability Factor?

Always keep in mind the meltability factor of the candy you select. Most people consider heat to be the only culprit, but in reality humidity can be just as damaging to candy. Humidity creates very sticky candy and causes gummy candy to lose its shape. And although chocolate is most susceptible to heat and humidity, gummies, taffy and even certain hard candies and lollipops are as well. This is why we advise you to store your candy in a cool AND dry place.
If you are having your event outdoors and the weather is expected to be warm or muggy, it may be prudent to offer more candies that are less heat/moisture sensitive such as pressed dextrose candy (like sweet tarts), marshmallow-type candy and gum. If you still want to provide some chocolate selections, choose chocolates with a candy-coated shell which provides some protection against the heat . . . it’s the chocolate’s sunblock!
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