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Red Candy

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Red.... the color of passion.... and candy!
Match your party or event color scheme with red candy. Red Candy Buffet

When decorating with red candy, highlight your sweet colors with pink candy and white candy for a classic romantic effect.
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Sweet Little Nothings

Loren was filled with excitement as she looked around at her new home- her first apartment. Before she was even finished unpacking, she began planning for her housewarming party. Pushing the boxes to the side, she sat on her carpet and pulled out her trusty little notebook. To begin, she thought to herself, a guest list.

Within hours, she had called everyone she knew and invited them to her soiree later that week. Then she began to worry. Her apartment was actually quite, well, cozy, and she began to wonder how she would fit everyone. Where would they sit? Her refrigerator and cabinets were empty. What would they eat?

Suddenly, a brilliant idea hit her. She had seen a special on TV about decorating with candy. With a few clicks of her mouse, a bit of decorating finesse, and more than a little improvisation, her gathering would be the event of the year!

As guests began to arrive, Loren couldn’t help but give herself a pat on the back. The "ooohs and ahhhs" were music to her ears. Her studio looked like something straight out of a magazine. Everything was a deep red, to match the color of her beloved new sofa. Beautiful candy arrangements made of atomic fireballs and cherry flavored jelly beans and red rose lollipops lined the tables. Stylish red candy lips hung from the ceiling off of red licorice ropes. Guests sat on still unpacked moving boxes, covered with velvet maroon tablecloths.

When someone asked for a glass of water, Loren politely asked them to stand up. Pulling the tablecloth off of the cardboard box, Loren pulled out several glasses and dishes before sealing it back up. The guest was impressed.

"How modern! Multifunctional, bohemian. A new era of design. Tres chic!"

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