Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag
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Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag 
  • Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag
  • Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag
  • Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag

Sweethearts Candy Hearts: 1LB Bag

Albert Einstein said, "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." Of course he was correct. Falling in love happens when your words and your actions create a chemical reaction in the desired person’s brain. Sure, you can spend years courting a significant other, saying lovely things, making romantic gestures, and hope that it works out in the end. Or you can take the easy route and win them over with Sweethearts Candy Hearts. Take action by giving them the sweets and, without a word from you, they’ll hear sweet nothings like "B Tru 2 U," "U R A Star," and "I Love You." The magical moment will occur when they get a taste of the sugary flavor. Heart eyes may spring from their head; a smile as fair as the crescent moon may sweep across their face, or they might just faint. Reactions cannot be predicted. But you’ll have them and it will stay that way as long you have candy left in this one-pound bag.
Flavors include:
Green Apple
Blue Raspberry

Heart Dimensions (Inches): 0.5 x 0.625

Resealable bag contains 1 pound (about 425 pieces) of Sweethearts Candy Hearts.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs. Lovingly Made in the USA.

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Price: $4.00
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Made in USA

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