Orange Candy Dangle Ornament - 20 Inch
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Orange Candy Dangle Ornament - 20 Inch 
  • Orange Candy Dangle Ornament - 20 Inch
  • Orange Candy Dangle Ornament - 20 Inch

Orange Candy Dangle Ornament - 20 Inch

Do you love the idea of a peppermint patty the size of your face? What would you do with it, if you had one? You’d probably string it together with smaller hard candies and hang it from a porch, a tree, a banister, or a fire place, right? That’s the only logical thing to do, after all -- any treat that big is bound to be a choking hazard.

These enormous orange candy look-a-likes shimmer with glittery white swirls, and they’ll tantalize your taste buds with their festive glow. You might be slightly disappointed to know that this 2-foot-long chain of shiny sweets is actually made of shatter-proof plastic instead of actual sugar, but you can rest assured that it’ll last you many seasons of confection-inspired joy! Feel free to munch on real candies as you use these ornaments to deck the halls for the holidays or an orange-themed event -- just preferably try to stick to snacks smaller than your head.

Ornament Length: 20 Inches

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