Monkey Madness Pops: 12-Piece Display
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Monkey Madness Pops: 12-Piece Display 
  • Monkey Madness Pops: 12-Piece Display
  • Monkey Madness Pops: 12-Piece Display
  • Monkey Madness Pops: 12-Piece Display

Monkey Madness Candy Wands: 12-Piece Display

Bet you never knew that monkeys yawn not just when they are tired, but also when they are mad. It's true! Mouth agape and teeth bared, the monkey on the top of this candy-filled wand seems to yawn when you pull down the button below his feet. Since his permanently outstretched arms meet in the middle and happily smash the cymbals together attached to each of his hands when you hold the button down, we're pretty sure he's not tired or mad, but most likely excited! How could any hominid not be overjoyed when they're sitting on a stash of fruit tart treats? A bunch of colorful bright bits of pressed sugar sweet tarts appearing in the shapes of bananas, strawberries, hearts, and spheres fill the transparent cylinder beneath each adorable primate, making this entertaining candy toy the perfect party favor for attendees of jungle- or circus-themed soirees just looking to monkey around.

Wand Height: 9.5 Inches

Unit Price = $1.65/wand.

Display box contains 12 Monkey Madness Candy Wands, each with about 64 candies.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

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Price: $19.80
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