Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box
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Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box 
  • Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box
  • Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box
  • Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box
  • Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box

Light Up Candy Spinners: 12-Piece Box

The movie adaptation of H.G. Well's novel that imagines Martians invading Earth took home an Oscar for Best Special Effects in 1953. After the black and white title sequence, the film switches to Technicolor and the images of flying saucers and scary extraterrestrials must have been gloriously terrifying to theater audiences when it was released. This fun candy toy looks like it could have been a prop from this sci-fi flick, and if it was, there's no way the actors would have been able to resist snacking on the sweet tarts inside between takes. While the candy that these wand-like toys hold are tasty pressed sugar tidbits, the real show-stopping quality it has is the colorful light-up package! A clear sphere at the top of each magical wand that comes in green, red, or blue encases a flying saucer set on its side with three tiny light bulbs. Push the button on the swirled part of the handle and watch the disc spin to life creating bright red and yellow lines that blink and move in otherworldly, seemingly opposite directions. Twist open the handle to enjoy baby sweet tart discs in either blue raspberry, green apple, or pink bubblegum. This novelty candy will be a hit with the younger set at sleepovers, outdoor parties at twilight, and summer concerts by bands that croon and rock for kiddies. Space suits not included!

Spinner Height: 6.5 Inches

Unit Price = $3.30/spinner.

Display box contains 12 Light Up Candy Spinners for ages 4 and up.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.

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Price: $39.60
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