Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans: 18-Ounce Bag
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Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans: 18-Ounce Bag 
  • Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans: 18-Ounce Bag

Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans: 18-Ounce Bag


Spring has sprung, the flowers are in full bloom, and it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s always a new and fruity jelly bean candy to sample.

But don’t you kind of feel like switching things up this season? For a nice departure from the sweet and expected, check out Lemonhead & Friends jelly beans! It’s all the chewy goodness of jelly beans, but with the wonderfully unexpected tangy taste of sour fruits! These peewee jelly beans have the same great flavor as the original candies, and just to make things even better, each is printed with decorative seasonal images!

If you find your taste buds are constantly shouting something along the lines of "We want sour!", then it’s about time you appease them. Fun and fruity, chewy and tangy, Lemonhead jelly beans should do the trick.

Assorted Flavors:

Bag contains 18 ounces of Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.

Price: $5.00
Item # 133117


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