Edible Ant Farm Candy: 24-Piece Box
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Edible Ant Farm Candy: 24-Piece Box 
  • Edible Ant Farm Candy: 24-Piece Box
  • Edible Ant Farm Candy: 24-Piece Box

Edible Ant Farm Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box

You’re a candy maniac and sometimes you go into a fugue state when munching your favorite sweet treats. Things can get a bit messy and a morsel or two will fall to the floor. Inevitably, some guests show up to the sugar party uninvited: ants. They can seemingly reach anywhere. You might be out of breath getting to your 5th floor walk-up apartment, but rest assured there is a line of ants beating a path through your domain if you drop so much as a Razzle. They’re almost as annoying as aunts. Well, it’s time to fight back with an Edible Ant Farm that features real ants cooked right into a rectangle of hard candy. Imagine the look on their pernicious insect faces when they come across their brethren cooked into candy like Luke frozen in carbonite. Word will get back to the colony that you’re not to be trifled with. Order some insect respect on CandyWarehouse.

Unit Price = $2.25/piece.

Display box contains 24 Edible Ant Farm Candy Packs.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

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Price: $54.00
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Made in USA

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