Clear Plastic Round Pedestal Jar - Short
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Clear Plastic Round Pedestal Jar - Short 
  • Clear Plastic Round Pedestal Jar - Short

Clear Plastic Round Pedestal Jar - Short

Goblets: originally intended to hold drink, it only seems fair that their usage should be expanded to include other wonderful things in life. And if the vessel is clear? Why, even more of a reason to let it store more than mere liquid. We want eye candy, darn it!

And maybe some real candy, while we’re at it. That’s why this clear pedestal jar is absolutely perfect for holding any hodgepodge of treats, making your dessert displays sweeter than ever! With a trendy pedestal to help flaunt your creation and a wide mouth perfectly suited to scooping jelly beans, chocolates, and gumballs alike, this plastic jar is just what your buffet has been thirsting for. We’ll toast some candy to that!

Container Dimensions-
Height: 6.5 Inches
Width: 5 Inches

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

Note: NOT safe for dishwasher or microwave use.

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Price: $8.00
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