Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser
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Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser 
  • Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser
  • Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser
  • Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser
  • Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser

Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser

Each Batman movie that Christopher Nolan created centers on a theme that can be summed up in one word. Recently the filmmaker was quoted as stating that 2005's Batman Begins is about "fear" while 2008's The Dark Knight operates with "chaos," and 2012's The Dark Knight Rises focuses on "pain." Pretty weighty subjects, but no one ever characterized Nolan's noir-ish vision of this crime-fighter on the big screen as being light and breezy. We wouldn't change a thing about the movies, but we're thankful there are fun ways to keep the Man in Black's adventures alive long after his story ends--this cool Batman-themed gumball dispenser is one sweet way. Boldly decorated boxes with images of the Marvel Comics superhero contain a modern iteration of the iconic gumball machines of old. Perfect for a bookshelf or at the corner of a desk to ensure convenient snacking while you study, each clear-topped container features Batman's daunting costumed figure as he confidently protects the tiny treats inside. Though they come equipped with a bag of gumballs in classic hues to get you started, you can refill your container with any small candies of your choice by removing the easy-to-open cap at the top of each dispenser. Buy one as a gift for pint-sized crime-fighters-in-training in your life, or keep one as a collectible for yourself!

Dispenser Dimensions-
Height: 9 Inches
Width: 4.5 Inches

Gift box contains one refillable Batman 9-Inch Tall Gumball Dispenser with approximately 60 assorted 1/2-inch gumballs.
To order additional gumballs click here: Replacement gumballs
Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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Price: $15.00
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