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Powder & Particle Candy

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Discover the pow! in powder candies with our collection of intense powder and particle treats. There’s no better way to deliver a flavor explosion to your taste buds than a pinch of these potent potions. Enjoy the concentrated punch of flavor straight up, or use this magic pixie dust to embellish cakes, cookies, cupcakes, the edges of cocktail glasses or just your sparkly, sugary fingertips.
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Sweet Little Nothings

Robby’s room looked like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Vials filled with strange purple powder; a small mountain of rock crystals in all the colors of the rainbow. Robby and his friend Chuck sat in the center of it all, with lab coats, goggles, and bunsen burners flaming.

"Hand me Particle Specimen 154-A." Robby instructed. Chuck typed a few numbers into his laptop and then reached into the sock draw, pulling out a baggie filled with Pop Rocks Candy. Robby grabbed it from his hands quickly, examining the small pieces of bubble gum with a microscope. Just then there was a knock on the door. A woman entered.

"Oh, sorry dear. I didn’t realize you two were still playing in here." She closed the door, sighing to herself. She wondered when her husband would stop playing with the powder candy and maybe do some dishes.

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