Red Lollipop Spray: 16 Inch
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Red Lollipop Spray: 16 Inch 
  • Red Lollipop Spray: 16 Inch
  • Red Lollipop Spray: 16 Inch

Red Lollipop Spray: 16 Inch

Wouldn’t you like to decorate your house with lollipops? How about with sparkly lollipops? Or even sparkly lollipops on springs?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions (or, better yet, all of them!), then you’ll definitely want to check out these fantastic glittery red and white swirl decorations! They look like tasty lollipops bouncing around on shimmering crimson springs, but unlike actual suckers, these beauties are made of Styrofoam… so they aren’t actually edible. Don’t be too disappointed, though -- their inability to be consumed just means that they’ll brighten up your décor for much longer than real candy can! Poke the bulbs and watch them bounce. It’s absolutely mesmerizing…

Sorry, what were we saying? Right. This 16 inch lollipop spray makes for the perfect decoration, whether you’re trimming the halls for the holidays or ornamenting a crimson-themed party!

Glitter Spray Height: 16 inches

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