Purple Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
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Purple Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag 
  • Purple Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
  • Purple Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
  • Purple Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag

Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Purple: 120-Piece Bag

When it comes to stars, there’s probably none more famous than the North Star, Polaris. Part of the Little Dipper, it has guided sailors and explorers for many centuries. But did you know that the current North Star was not always the guide star familiar to ancient civilizations?

Due in part to the effect of the precession of the equinoxes, the north celestial pole is continually changing by minute increments, and as such, the role of the North Star has passed from one star to another throughout the centuries. In 3000 BC, the North Star was a faint star in the constellation Draco, which is today invisible in light-polluted urban skies. During the first millennium BC, the celestial pole was described as being "devoid of stars," but the brightest star in the bowl of the Little Dipper was close enough to be used as a reference point throughout this time. The Romans used a center point between two stars of the Dipper to mark the North Pole, and the Anglo-Saxons of the 10th century began to rely upon the brightest star in the handle of the Little Dipper, Alpha Ursea Minoris, to act as their "ship-star" for navigation, though it didn’t become the true North Star until many centuries later. This star, which we now call Polaris, still remains our guide star, though around 3000 AD another star (Gamma Cephei) will move closer to the celestial north pole and knock Polaris from its rank.

Though we wouldn’t suggest waiting around for nearly a thousand years, if you do want to make a hobby of watching Polaris slowly descend from its position on high, may we recommend a delicious, celestial treat to help pass the time? These purple lollipops are shaped like stars, and better yet, they "star" a smashing grape flavor that’s impossible to resist!

Sucker Dimensions-
Diameter: 1 1/4 Inch
Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Total Length: 12 Inches

Each star is individually wrapped with cellophane.

Unit Price = $0.40/lollipop.

Bag contains 120 Twinkle Candy Purple Star Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.

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Price: $48.00
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