Plastic Pinata Bat: 30 Inch
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Plastic Pinata Bat: 30 Inch 
  • Plastic Pinata Bat: 30 Inch
  • Plastic Pinata Bat: 30 Inch

Plastic Pinata Buster Bat: 30 Inch

You’ve suddenly found yourself in possession of a piñata filled with candy -- do you know what needs to be done?  It’s time to become a true hero by freeing all the treats from their dark and hollow papier-mâché prison!

This colorful rainbow bat makes the perfect weapon to smash apart a piñata and retrieve the sweet candy surprise that awaits within. Be the champion of treats and the savior of all that is sugary and good in the world -- arm yourself with a piñata bashing stick today, to be prepared to defeat any piñata menace whenever the need may strike!
Length: 30 Inches

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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Price: $5.00
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