Candy Necklaces -Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag
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Candy Necklaces -Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag 
  • Candy Necklaces -Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag
  • Candy Necklaces -Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag

Candy Necklaces - Unwrapped: 100-Piece Bag

Has the incessant unwrapping of large amounts of candy necklaces got you down? True, this isn’t a problem everyone must tackle on a day to day basis, but if you’ve ever been faced with the arduous task of unwrapping 100 packs of candy, you’ll understand the value of this offer. This bag comes with 100 pieces of the classic candy fashion accessory, each pre-unwrapped so as to expedite the candy enjoying process! The necklaces are safely nestled together in a sealed bag, but as soon as this package is opened, they’re already prepared to be passed around to party guests or hung for ornamentation! Plus they’re created by Smarties, so you can expect each bite to be full of delicious, fruity flavor!
Unit Price = $0.25/necklace.

Bag contains 100 unwrapped Candy Necklaces.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.

Price: $25.00
Item # 127872

Gluten Free


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