B B Bats Taffy Pops: 1KG Box
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B B Bats Taffy Pops: 1KG Box 
  • B B Bats Taffy Pops: 100-Piece Box
  • B B Bats Taffy Pops: 100-Piece Box
  • B B Bats Taffy Pops: 1KG Box

B B Bats Taffy Pops: 100-Piece Box

BB Bats Taffy Pops have a very tenuous relationship to actual baseball bats. While they might actually make a fun substitution for the wooden version during a super sweet interpretation of the game, they’d also be a bit too small for use with real baseballs. But why would anyone choose to waste these scrumptious chewy treats as sporting equipment anyways?

Fair Play Caramel Company started making the BB Bat in 1924 in Johnson City, NY. Over the past few decades, the recipe for this simple, firm taffy has remained largely unchanged. Still wrapped in wax paper and still affixed to a lengthy, lickable lollipop stick, these nostalgic wonders truly offer a taste of childhood for any generation!
Assorted Flavors:

Unit Price = $0.20/piece.

Display box contains 100 B-B-Bats Taffy Suckers.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.

DISCLAIMER: Flavors may not be equally distributed in each box.

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Price: $20.00
Item # 125082

Made in USA

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