Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles: 36-Piece Display
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Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles: 36-Piece Display 
  • Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles: 36-Piece Display

Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles: 36-Piece Display

Turtles have been around longer than lizards, snakes, or even crocodiles. In fact, the earliest known turtle species lived around 220 million years ago, making them one of the oldest reptile groups to ever exist! And unlike those weakling dinosaurs, these guys are still thriving in today’s society.

So let’s hear it for those prosperous, armored critters and celebrate their long existence in the sweetest way we know -- with a milk chocolate sculpture, of course! Each solid piece of rich chocolate is shaped like one of the ancient, shelled reptiles and wrapped in shiny foil bearing a cute cartoon resemblance to a modern day turtle. Sink your teeth into one of these delectable delights, and let the chocolate melt in your mouth as you appreciate the turtle’s rich ancestry… and the rich taste of chocolate to boot.

Turtle Length: 3 Inches

Unit Price = $1.25/piece.

Display box contains 36 Foiled Milk Chocolate Turtles, each weighing 0.5 ounces.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs. Kosher Certified.

Price: $45.00
Item # 133263


USA The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Dairy

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