Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display
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Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display 
  • Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display
  • Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display
  • Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display
  • Shootin' Hoops Pops: 12-Piece Display

Shootin' Basketball Hoops Candy Wands: 12-Piece Display

Slam dunks during professional basketball games were declared illegal by the NCAA in 1967 when heroes like Wilt Chamberlain, George Mikan, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated courts with their unmatched skills. Dunking was a no-go until 1976, and today it is one of the highest percentage shots and the most crowd-pleasing plays that can happen during a basketball game. If you practice long enough, you'll probably become adept at scoring major points yourself in this fun hoop-shooting game atop a wand filled with tasty mega gumballs that let you blow massive bubbles. Inside a clear enclosed dome at the top of this gum-filled container you'll find a baby basketball court complete with mini orange ball and white basket. Position the ball over the small hole in the floor, aim for the basket and flick the lever that juts out from below the game to launch the ball into the air. Did you make it? If you did, that's one gumball for you! Of course, if you reward yourself with one gumball for every tiny basket you make, you'll be out of gum in no time. No matter, you can refill your wand with any gumballs with girth up to 3/4 inch in diameter. So, go ahead, dunk away!

Wand Height: 7.5 Inches

Unit Price = $1.65/wand.

Display box contains 12 Shootin' Basketball Hoops Candy Wands, each with 5 gumballs or lots of candies.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.

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Price: $19.80
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