Wonka Candy Gingerbread Man Gift Box
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Wonka Candy Gingerbread Man Gift Box 
  • Wonka Candy Gingerbread Man Gift Box
  • Wonka Candy Gingerbread Man Gift Box

Wonka Candy Gingerbread Man Gift Box

Measuring in at a foot tall, this gingerbread man makes for the perfect Christmas buddy! After you finish decorating him, invite him along on all your winter adventures. Build a snowman and frolic through snow covered fields. Go sledding and ice skating, then warm up by the fire, sipping hot chocolate while you roast chestnuts. That is, as long as you aren’t tempted to eat him first. He is made completely of gingerbread, after all.

Each pack comes with two SweeTarts Twist Rolls, a treat size box of Nerds, and red, green, and white icing for your decorating enjoyment. Just try to resist a few bites! (But don’t feel bad if you can’t -- your gingerbread buddy will understand).

Gingerbread Pal Height: 12 Inches

Box includes 1 Gingerbread Cookie Figure, 2 SweeTart Twist Rolls, 1 Treat Size Box of Nerds, 3 Tubes of Icing in red, green, and white.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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Price: $9.90
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Made in USA

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