Superman Candy Treats: 30-Piece Pack
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Superman Candy Treats: 30-Piece Pack 
  • Superman Candy Treats: 30-Piece Pack

Superman Candy Treats: 30-Piece Pack

We all know Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, plus he has X-ray vision, super strength, ice breath, and the ability to fly! But were you aware of the fact that his assortment of powers hasn’t always been this impressive?

Originally, he was said to be incredibly strong, able to withstand great force, and capable of leaping tall buildings… but that was it! The ability to fly was never mentioned in the first incarnation of Superman. Can you imagine how much differently the stories would have progressed had things remained this way?

Luckily, the Last Son of Krypton gained his ability to fly in 1941, two years after his introduction. And even more luckily, he has become such an icon of superhero lore that great confectioners have decided to design delicious candy in his honor! These fruit-flavored sweet tarts come in super fly blue and red Man of Steel shapes. Each hanging display strip includes five candy packs with varying Superman designs. It’s the sweetest, crunchiest way to fight crime and battle hunger!

Unit Price = $0.35/pack.

Box contains 30 packs of Superman Candy Treats, packaged in 6 clip strips.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

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