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The Sweetest News Around!

Virginia often dreams of floating in the clouds with millions of enormous fluffy M&M's candies! Read More
Frank is always cautious not to strain his back and therefore he lifts even single bags of candy with a forklift.... SAFETY FIRST here at CandyWarehouse! Read More
One time during an attempted mugging, Carolina apprehended the villain and wrapped his entire body in white packaging tape until the authorities arrived for the arrest. The police report read "Suspect: The Mummy". Read More
Bernardo's mustache gives him magical gymnastic powers.... he can deftly balance atop the highest forklifts and shelf beams in the warehouse! Read More
During his adolescent years, Chris enjoyed sitting in the front rows of movie theaters with his brother and various mischievous friends. They would all have mini sling shots fashioned from rubber bands. Their fun little game was to flick slightly chewed Jujubes or Jujy Fruits candies into the mouths of on screen actors and actually make the candies stick to the movie screen during the film. Naughty pranksters! Read More
Peilin was Miss Teen Washington State in the mid 90's Read More
Scott's amazing mustache has tamed wild stallions! Read More