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Jawbreaker Candy

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Jawbreakers might sound tough, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find a candy with a heart of gold. (Not to mention green, pink, blue, white, red and orange!) Here you’ll find jawbreakers for all occasions, from enormous candies full of layered flavor to itty-bitty micro jawbreakers and colorful candy beads. Wouldn’t geometry have been more fun if the radius and circumference were taught using jawbreakers?
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Sweet Little Nothings

Big Mouth Betty was known as the biggest blabbermouth in school.

"Well, she certainly has the gift of gab," teachers would say to her parents at parent-teacher conferences.

During tests Betty would often recite lines from her favorite TV shows, or tell the entire class about the events of her day thus far- "…and then I spit out my mouthwash and looked for a hair elastic…" During lunch, she would make the rounds around the lunch room with the day’s gossip- "Did you hear Kelly Kapowski got a new cat? His name is Meowers!" The other kids liked her, but nobody took her very seriously- "Oh, Betty, you’re so silly!"

Betty was tired of her chatty reputation, but she couldn’t stop chatting. It was pure habit. Even when she was a baby, she talked too much- hours and hours of "goo-goo-ga-ga".

She didn’t know how to cut down on the talking until one day, a friend at school offered her a Splat 1-inch Jawbreaker. The taste was incredible, and with the jawbreaker in her mouth, she couldn’t talk nearly as much. Everyone in class started asking her what had changed. She took out the jawbreaker for a moment, and said quite seriously:

"I don’t know. I guess I’m just more of a strong, silent type these days."

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