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Green Candy

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Throw a bash to remember with green in mind. is the top source for delicious confections and one-of-a-kind candies to make your party, corporate event, or reception a sweeter experience for all. Our selection of green candies is the perfect place to start if you’re hosting a themed celebration for St. Patrick’s Day or any special occasion. Our selection of bulk green candy includes gummy products, suckers, candy fruit jelly slices, marshmallow, sugar beads, jelly beans, chews, and every kind of sweet treat you can imagine. Explore our inventory today and create an account to turn your next checkout process into a breeze. Green and white candy are fun to incorporate into desserts or baking recipes. We provide chocolate kisses, peanut butter cups, chocolate gems, buttermint creams, caramels, gourmet espresso coffee beans, toffees, mints, and more. Hoping to revive some old-fashioned, sugary classics you remember from childhood? Our green candies selection includes hard candy sticks, Sassy Spheres, thin ribbon candy, crème de menthe, salt water taffy, candy-coated popcorn, rock candy crystal sticks, malt balls, foiled milk chocolate coins, and so much more. We also offer table assortments and self-serve buffet kits for up to 50 guests to give you a head start on your party preparations and decorations. We are committed to providing variety so you can find exactly what you’re looking for or mix and match to create a unique experience for yourself, family, friends, guests, or customers. Flavors include green apple, watermelon, lime, juicy pear, kiwi, mango, margarita, pineapple, spearmint, wintergreen, and other popular flavorings. Ready to take a walk on the wild side? We also deliver sour varieties for the brave and the bold. Best of all, our bulk green candy collection features a wide range of green hues to accommodate color-specific themes. Explore vibrant shades or pretty pastels for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and other kinds of events. We strive to deliver only the finest sweets and provide a shopping experience unlike any other. If you have any questions about our green and white candy selection or need help finding a specific product, please contact us today so we can help you every step of the way to confectionery heaven.
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Sweet Little Nothings

The tiny town of Millville was going green.

It all began with Mr. Radcliffe, the high school science teacher. Mr. Radcliffe, or Super Rad, as many of his students had begun to call him, was quite a character. He had a big mop of curly grey hair atop his head, big "bottle can" glasses, and always wore bright neon ties. And he was always eating little Andes chocolate mint squares. There was a big jar of them in his desk, and he often gave them out to students who raised their hands and answered questions correctly.

Mr. Super Rad was quite a well-known character around town, and everywhere he went, he never missed an opportunity to talk about the importance of recycling. "After all," he would say as he happily sorted through people’s piles of old newspapers and bottles, "what could be more important than saving the earth?" In his classroom, there were 4 bins: one for all trash, one for paper, one for plastic, and one just for the wrappers from his Andes candies.

"Someday, I’ll find a use for these," he would mutter to himself as he tossed one in from his desk.

The people of Millville began to listen to his advice about the environment, and soon the results were evident. Recycling bins next to every trash can. More people riding bicycles than ever before. An organic farmers market every Saturday at the park. They even began planning for a "Go Green" party at the town hall. Immediately, they decided that the guest of honor would be Mr. Fabio Radcliffe, and the theme would be of his favorite treat: candy.

In addition to plentiful piles of little Andes mints, the party decorations included hanging green M&Ms tins and Green & White Swirly Pops on the wall. Mr. Radcliffe was truly touched, but it was his students’ surprise project, presented at the end of the night, that nearly brought him to tears.

It was a complete candy eco-system. Green rock candy formed the ground; gummi frogs jumped across a lake of liquid candy. And in the background, a landscape of snowy mountains formed from hundreds of the Andes chocolate wrappers from Mr. Radcliffe’s bin.

"This is…super rad!" he exclaimed with delight.

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