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Gold Candy

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You've struck the mother lode.... a yummy assortment of candy delights in gold! Celebrate your 50th with golden candy.
Or give yourself five pounds of gold stars, after all, your deserve it. Gold Candy Buffet

When decorating with gold candy, you can also use white candy and purple candy to make it a royal event.
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Gold Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Are you ready for a sweet 16 birthday party that will knock everyone’s socks off? Decorating your shindig with oodles of gold candy will not only make the whole room go "ahhh" - it will also make the whole room go "mmmm." Yes indeed, with a color coordinated event like this one, you truly can party like a rock star.

Can you say bling-bling? You’ll be sitting in the lap of luxury with decadent golden sweets all around you. Who else could throw a party so well planned out, so glamorous? No one. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Your party will be just like the ones on that MTV show, except it will cost less than a million dollars and not be annoying to watch.

As your guests indulge in Gold Figaro Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles and Golden Chocolate Stars, you can bask in all the delicious glory. Sit back and relax. Savor a chocolate cigar wrapped in gold.

End the night with a splash - surprise all of your guests with some gold hard cash. In the form of chocolate gold coins, of course!

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