Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack
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Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack 
  • Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack
  • Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack
  • Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack
  • Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack

Gummy Shot Glasses: 6-Piece Gift Pack

These little, edible candy glasses are each 2.7 ounces of gummy goodness that will add a splash of flavor to your favorite beverages!
Assortment includes 3 flavors perfect for serving with drinks:
Cherry, Orange, and Raspberry.
  • Great party conversation pieces!
  • Each Gummy Shot glass is 29 times the nutritional value of the average gummy bear!
  • These glasses are hand crafted so each one is unique.
  • Candy-infused vodka is all the rage on the Internet, but how do you serve it properly? Gummy shot glasses, of course!
  • Jello shots in gummy glasses, the way it was intended.
  • Rum and cola without the cola! Just drink your rum and then nibble the glass.
  • It’s like Willy Wonka grew up and took his "you can even eat the dishes" to a new level.
  • Next time your trekker friends come over to play Star Trek drinking games, serve them their Romulan Ale shots out of these multi-color gummi-glasses that look like they came right out of Ten-Forward.
  • How can you drink an appletini and still look like a man? Drink it out of a sour apple shot glass . . . and then after a few drinks, you just pop the "glass" in your mouth and eat it, let’s see your girlfriend do that with her martini glass!
  • It’s not just for alcohol anymore! The perfect mini-candy dish holders for your party guests.
  • Was the last shot glass you ate fat-free? These are!
  • Trying to decide between serving drinks and serving snacks? Why not serve your drink in your snack?
Gift box contains 6 Gummy Shot Glasses.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.

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Made in USA Gluten Free

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