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Giant Candy

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Colossal candy creations large enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! Looking for over-the-top confectionery gifts or big display items for your dessert table? This assortment of unique candies with enormous proportions is sure to shock and delight. From giant lollipops and jawbreakers to huge gummy bears and massive Kit Kat candy bars, this section of our candy store is fun for all.
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Sweet Little Nothings

I think it was William Shakespeare who said "Giant candy doth rule". Or maybe it was Alf… or maybe it was the candy elf I just ran into in the hallway. Either way, the guy knows what he’s talking about. For some taste buds, a little is never enough. You crave more- more flavor, more candy, and more fun. And let’s face it, giant candies are a true status symbol. As you walk down the street proudly carrying your Gigantic Psychedelic Rainbow Swirl Pop, people stop to take notice. You feel the envious stares; the whispers of admiration; the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. But- of course- you take it in stride. Shrugging behind your oversized diamond-rimmed sunglasses, you pull out a Mega Dum Dum, lick a lollipop, and let the good times roll.

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