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Sour Candy

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Sour candy combines the sweet of sugar with the tart flavor of citric acid. This section of our candy store offers a huge variety of candy sourness, from slightly tangy to pucker inducing sour power. Discover classic sour candies and the latest perky inventions sure to satisfy any craving for cringe!
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Sweet Little Nothings

All around Sunnyville, everyone knew one thing about Suzy Q Belvedere: don’t mess with her. The rumors were never-ending. One girl said she had seen Suzy drive by on a motorcycle after dark; another said she had heard that Suzy had once made the school’s star wrestler cry after she called him names. It was also widely believed that Suzy was the lead singer of a heavy metal band called "Tough as Nails". She was known for her bad attitude and sour expression, and that’s why people called her "Sour Face Sue".

Suzy didn’t know about the rumors. All she knew is that nobody ever talked to her. As soon as she came in a room, everyone gave each other nervous looks and took off. It was creepy. She had once told the school’s star wrestler about her feelings of loneliness and it had even brought a tear to his eye. So mostly she just hung around with her dad, who drove a motorcycle and owned his own construction company called "Tough as Nails". The highlight of her day was perhaps her Wonka Sour Puckerooms Gummy Candy, which she ate every chance she got.

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