Bachelorette Mints Wrapped 600-Piece Case
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Bachelorette Mints Wrapped 600-Piece Case 
  • Bachelorette Mints Wrapped 600-Piece Case
  • Bachelorette Mints Wrapped 600-Piece Case

Bachelorette Wrapped Buttermint Creams: 300-Piece Case


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This is it. After college, the bars, the online profiles, and the friend of a friend you just have to meet, she’s met The One and there is no going back. But before she overloads her registry with cast iron French cookware, duvet covers, and a milkshake mixer that she will inevitably receive four of, she must rage unchained one last time. This is her swan song of freedom. All the stops are going to be pulled out. Gummy bears are going to be plumped in vodka. Be there with Bachelorette Wrapped Buttermint Creams, because nobody invited bad breath to the party.

Each white mint measures about 3/4 inch long.

Unit Price = $0.07/piece.
Sale Unit Price = $0.05/piece.

Case contains 300 Buttermint Creams in Black and Pink Bachelorette Wrappers.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs. Kosher Certified.

Price: $21.00 $15.00
Item # 125091

USA The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Dairy

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