Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry
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Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry 
  • Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry
  • Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry
  • Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry

Scented Gummy Bear Soap - Strawberry

Gummy bears are fantastically delicious! But they tend to get a little sticky. They’ve definitely never been very useful when it comes to cleaning up messes. Actually, if we’re going to be completely honest about it, they tend to create more messes than they’ve ever solved …

Until now! These little bears look and feel just like a gummy, but -- surprise! -- they’re made of soap. That means they can unstick any stick a normal gummy may have caused, plus so much more! Ok, maybe soap can’t do much more than that. But these bears will make your hands squeaky clean!

Oh, and did we mention they smell incredible? This red gummy bear bar boasts the deliciously sweet scent of strawberry. Scrub up with this squishy bear and you’re sure to be smelling like Strawberry Fields Forever! Even John Lennon would have approved.

Just remember: These delightful, skin-friendly, glycerine-based soap bears are great for washing, but bad for eating.
(Seriously. Don’t eat them.)

Soap Facts-
Height: 3.5 Inches
Width: 1.75 Inches

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.

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Price: $7.00
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