Red Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
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Red Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag 
  • Red Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
  • Red Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag
  • Red Star Lollipops: 120-Piece Bag

Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Red: 120-Piece Bag

The eighth brightest star in the visible night sky is the red supergiant Betelgeuse. If Betelgeuse were to swap places with the sun and move to the center of our solar system, its surface would extend past the asteroid belt, and possibly even beyond the orbit of Jupiter. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars would be completely engulfed within its red hot mass!

While these red star lollipops aren’t nearly that gigantic (as that would make for quite a cumbersome candy), their bright crimson color and delicious strawberry flavor are sure to make even the red supergiant itself positively green with envy! It’s a treat fit for the galaxies, sure to inspire smiles as wide as the Milky Way!

Sucker Specifications-
Diameter: 1 1/4 Inch
Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Total Length: 12 Inches

Each star is individually wrapped with cellophane.

Unit Price = $0.40/lollipop.

Bag contains 120 Twinkle Candy Red Star Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.

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Price: $48.00
Item # 132772

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