Pink Candy Garland Ornament: 6 Foot
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Pink Candy Garland Ornament: 6 Foot 
  • Pink Candy Garland Ornament: 6 Foot

Pink Candy Ornaments 6-Foot Garland

Newborn giraffes measure around 6 feet tall at birth. Which means that this candy garland ornament just so happens to be the perfect height to drape from the head of one of those long-necked infants!

Though if you’re fresh out of baby giraffes this season, don’t despair -- it’s been rumored that this pink, candy-themed garland also works quite well as a holiday decoration. Adorned with shiny beads and glittery plastic charms that resemble rosy candy wrappers, you can hang it from branches to sweeten up a Christmas tree or drape it from a mantle for a precious, treat-themed display. Six feet covers a lot of area, so the embellishment opportunities are endless, with or without access to a young giraffe.

Garland Length: 6 Feet

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