Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display
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Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display 
  • Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display
  • Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display
  • Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display
  • Pink & White Unicorn Pops: 24-Piece Display

Unicorn Pops 0.9-Ounce Twist Suckers - Pink: 24-Piece Display

One of legendary Venetian world explorer Marco Polo's biggest accomplishments was to inspire Christopher Columbus to take to the high seas. A lesser known fact is that he believed he once spotted the mythical beast the unicorn. He described in writing that unicorns are "scarcely smaller than elephants. They have the hair of a buffalo and feet like an elephant's. They have a single large black horn in the middle of the forehead. They have a head like a wild boar's. They spend their time wallowing in mud and slime. They are very ugly brutes to look at." It wasn't until long after his death that his readers came to realize that the creature Marco Polo described was not, in fact, a unicorn, but was instead the rhinoceros which still dwells on the Asian and African continents. Oops, Marco's bad. Better he is remembered for inventing the backyard swimming pool game that kids of all ages delight in. We're sure that the same set that enjoys the fun pastime will go gaga over these adorable strawberry-flavored Pink & White Unicorn Pops! Tightly coiled like the magical horn of the fabled beast, four-inch ribbons of dazzling white and fierce fluorescent pink candy are locked in a tasty embrace atop easy-to-grip lollipop sticks. Playful and showy, these nostalgic treats will invoke sweet memories of summer carnivals past. More memorable than parading a live unicorn in your front yard paddock, you'll want to display these suckers in a fun, color-coordinated candy buffet that will awe and inspire all the guests who attend your next yummy event.

Sucker Specifications-
Net Weight: 0.9 Ounce
Total Length: 8 Inches
Candy Length: 4 Inches
Flavor: Strawberry

Unit Price = $2.00/lollipop.

Display box contains 24 Pink & White Unicorn Pops Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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Price: $48.00
Item # 131549

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