Spearmint Leaves: 3.6LB Box
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Spearmint Leaves: 3.6LB Box 
  • Spearmint Leaves: 3.6LB Box
  • Spearmint Leaves: 3.6LB Box
  • Spearmint Jelly Leaves Candy: 5LB Bag
  • Spearmint Leaves: 3.6LB Box

Spearmint Jelly Leaves Candy: 5LB Bag

According to Greek mythology, Pluto, God of the Underworld, was visiting the river Cocytus one day when he encountered the supremely beautiful water nymph in residence known as Minthe. Notorious for his roving eye, Pluto immediately grew lustful with the lady of the lake much to the chagrin of his queen Persephone. Overcome with jealousy and rage when she found out, Persephone attacked Minthe and turned her into a plant. When he found that attempts to break Persphone's powerful spell were futile, Pluto resigned to give the plant a sweet fragrance that intensified whenever it was stepped on before firing up his golden chariot and riding off into the Underworld. We're sure Minthe was none too pleased, but so goes the drama of the ancient Greeks. If you've ever planted spearmint in your garden you know it is a resilient herb with a revitalizing aroma whose growth is virtually impossible to keep in check! Celebrated throughout history for its many uses that include a cure for ailments, a home deodorizer, and an insect repellant, a sprig of spearmint in a cold drink on a hot summer's day is intensely refreshing. In fact, imbibing a cold Mint Julep was famed Southern author William Faulkner's favorite way to beat the heat. Likewise, these delightful sugar-sanded jellies with their minty zing are set to win your heart with one taste. A classic confection with a popularity that spans several decades, these over-sized candies in the shape of real spearmint leaves have an addictive gumdrop-like texture that keeps you wanting more. Each leaf is saturated with mint oil to give it that spicy bite you just can't get enough of, and one or two leaves offer the perfect amount to refresh your palate after a meal. Keep them on hand to make your guests feel pampered!

There are approximately 40 pieces per pound.

Unit Price = $3.90/lb.

Bag contains 5 pounds of Spearmint Leaves Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.

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Price: $19.50
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