Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box
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Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box 
  • Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box
  • Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box
  • Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box
  • Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box
  • Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors: 100-Piece Box

Tootsie Pops - Fun Flavors Assortment: 100-Piece Box

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? You’d be surprised at the number of academic studies that have been conducted to discover an answer to this question!

For example, a student-run study at the University of Cambridge concluded that it would take 3,481 licks to get to the center of the sucker, while Purdue University found that a "licking machine" could arrive at the middle after 364 slurps, though human volunteers only took an average of 252. The University of Michigan claimed that the true number was 411, while Swarthmore College asserted that it was closer to 144, and Harvard Graduate students, using a rotating mechanical tongue, alleged that this took as many as 2,255 licks to reach that coveted chewy center!

Well, thanks for that wide and inconclusive range of answers, academia. If you desire to get to the bottom of this query once and for all, conduct your own experiment with this box of Tootsie Pops Fun Flavors, including classic Chocolate and Cherry, along with the addition of exciting and exotic Strawberry, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon flavors!

This handy box is filled with 100 "test subjects" (aka lollipops), so you can rest assured that accidentally slipping up by crunching down on one or two of them isn’t going to tamper with your results. The fruity goodness of a hard candy lollipop, coupled with the chewy delight of a Tootsie Roll center… it’s no wonder this delectable confection has remained at the center of unsolved candy mysteries since 1932!

Unit Price = $0.20/pop.

Display box contains 100 Fun Flavors Tootsie Pops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.

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Price: $20.00
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Made in USA Gluten Free

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