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Jelly Beans

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Jelly beans! Everybody's favorite ellipsoidal candies in a vast assortment of sizes, colors, shapes, and flavors. We've got everything from gourmet jelly beans to traditional classics like black licorice flavored beans. Tiny Jelly Belly brand jelly beans to giant-sized jelly beans. Fruit flavors to minty to spicy cinnamon. Looking for fun candy novelty gifts? Try a pooping pig that dispenses yummy brown jelly beans!
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Jelly Beans

Sweet Little Nothings

Jelly beans are another historical mystery—no one is really sure when or how they were invented. We do know that it has seen many different forms. Turkish delights—made of jelled sugar and rosewater and coated with powdered sugar—are the ancient, famous cousin of jelly beans. They have been enjoyed ever since the times of ancient Rome, and are even mentioned in the Bible! Somewhere along the way, somebody decided to switch the powdered sugar for granulated, and the gumdrop was born. Finally, in the 17th century, the French invented a process called panning. The procedure adds a sugar coating by swishing candies around in a mixture of sugar and syrup. Soon, though, they were using all kinds of centers. Perhaps the tastiest of all are drops of a gooey mixture called slurry: add a coating, and you get a jelly bean! Read more